Celestial Compass


Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a compass with the aid of the Sun, Moon, or Big Dipper.

This application determines the precise azimuth and altitude of the Sun, the Moon, and the Big Dipper using your iPhone’s Location Services, and helps you use this information to accurately gauge compass directions.


  1. Finds true North: Celestial Compass is not effected by magnetic declination

  2. Integrated bubble level helps keep your iPhone perfectly face up for accurate compass reading

  3. Provides the precise altitude and azimuth of each celestial body

  4. Real time display update: the compass hands track the location of the Sun, Moon, and Big Dipper using your position and the time of day


  1. 1.Rotate your iPhone (while keeping it facing straight up using the bubble level) until the hands on the compass align with one or more of the celestial bodies

  2. 2.The on-screen compass is now aligned with true compass points

Celestial Compass v2.0                     


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Celestial Compass


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